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The world is ruled by Spirits, immortal and unyielding embodiments of belief. These Spirits gain magical powers and an animal-like form by aligning themselves with one of eight Aspects, natural forces with rigid ideologies. Humans live in isolated settlements and eke out an existence by appeasing and avoiding Spirits.

You are among the Chosen, humans born with Spirit souls. When you are still young, a Spirit will come to your settlement to claim you. This Spirit will try to convince you to devote yourself to its Aspect, and if you do, you will become a Spirit yourself. Becoming a Spirit, however, robs you of your free will: Every action you take will be dictated by your Aspect's moral code.

Chosen is designed to bring discussions about ideology, identity, social structures, personal and societal values, and other topics to the fore. Your characters will explore these issues within the world of the game. They will form beliefs and have them tested. These beliefs will change and develop throughout the campaign. By the end, the characters—and the players themselves—will have found answers, whether they like them or not.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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