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Chosen is a game about discovering who you are and what you believe. You play the role of a Chosen, a young adult cursed to transform into a Spirit. Spirits are powerful, ephemeral beings who must spread a rigid ideology or perish. A Chosen's spirit nature offers them great power, but every time they tap into that power they move one step closer to losing their humanity. The most talented Chosen can escape their fate and avoid transformation, but doing so will make them an enemy of Spirits and humans alike.

Chosen is designed to bring discussions about ideology, identity, social structures, personal and societal values, and other topics to the fore. Your characters will explore these issues within the world of the game. They will learn Commands and have them challenged. These Commands will change and develop throughout the campaign. By the end, the characters---and the players themselves---will have found answers, whether they like them or not.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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