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Eight Aspects watch over the world, offering gifts to those who obey their Commands. Their immortal servants, animal-like beings made of light called Spirits, work to convince the world's humans to follow their Aspect's Commands. Aspects grant Spirits elemental magic and Power, a life-sustaining energy, in exchange for their services. A Spirit serves an Aspect not out of love or true belief in its teachings, but because doing so keeps it alive: without Power, a Spirit will fade from existence.

You are one of the Chosen, a human born with the Soul of a Spirit. This Soul connects you to the magic and Power of the Aspects. Without the proper training, however, these gifts are hard to control and can be dangerous. Thus, when you are still young, your village will offer you to a Spirit. This Spirit will train you and try to convince you to devote yourself to its Aspect. If you do, you will become a Spirit yourself, and the Aspects will reward your guardian Spirit mightily.

Chosen is designed to bring discussions about ideology, identity, social structures, personal and societal values, and other topics to the fore. Your characters will explore these issues within the world of the game. They will learn Commands and have them challenged. These beliefs will change and develop throughout the campaign. By the end, the characters---and the players themselves---will have found answers, whether they like them or not.


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